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SAIL Events

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Tutorials -> SAIL Events

SAIL Events


General Info

Events are used to plan what should be done when something happens. The syntax of events is rather simple:

on EventName(value1, value2, ..., valueN) do

EventName - event's name (see the lists below)
value1, value2, ..., valueN - the list of variables where values exported by the event are put in; you can use any name you wish that is not already used and then use it as a variable in section:


If you want to check the exported values, use 'if' (or 'case') syntax:

on EventName(value1, value2, ..., valueN) do
  if value1=something then
    //desired action

Unit related

- ActiveUnitChanged: English   Polski  
- UnitDestroyed: English   Česky   Polski  
- UnitGoesFromRed: English  
- UnitGoesToRed: English   Polski  
- UnitKamikazed: English  
- UnitTeleported: English  

Human/apeman related

- ApemanTamed: English   Česky   Polski  
- Deinvisibled: English  
- HumanDestroyed: English  
- StartHeal: English  
- TigerTamed: English  
- UnitGoesToSleep: English  

Vehicle related

- BehemothConstructed: English   Česky   Polski  
- EvacuateVehicle: English  
- MastodonTamed: English  
- SpontaneousTeleported: English  
- VehicleCaptured: English  
- VehicleConstructed: English  
- VehicleConstructionStarted: English  
- VehicleDestroyed: English  

Building related

- BuildingCaptured: English   Česky   Polski  
- BuildingComplete: English   Česky   Polski  
- BuildingStarted: English   Polski  
- EnterBuilding: English  
- LeaveBuilding: English  
- UpgradeComplete: English   Česky   Polski  
- WeaponPlaced: English  

Technology related

- ArtifactResearchComplete: English  
- ResearchCancel: English  
- ResearchComplete: English  
- ResearchStarted: English  
- SpecResearchCancel: English  
- SpecResearchComplete: English  

Map/mission related

- DiplomacyChanged: English  
- EndTheMissionRaised: English  
- SibDepositContaminated: English  
- SiberiteDepositDestroyed: English  
- SiberiteRocketExploded: English  


- ArtifactLoaded: English  
- ArtifactUnloaded: English  
- ArtifactUsed: English  
- Command: English  
- Contact: English  
- DestinationUnreachable: English   Česky   Polski  
- DialogueSkipped: English   Česky   Polski  
- SailEvent: English  

Macros related

- McAttackDone: English  
- McAttackOutOfFuel: English  
- McDefendReturnsUnit: English  
- McDefendTakesUnit: English  
- McDone: English  
- McPatrolOutOfFuel: English  
- McPatrolSeesEnemy: English  
- McRegistryResultChanges: English  
- McRepairCapturedVehicle: English  
- McRepairReturnsUnit: English  
- McRepairSavedVehicle: English  
- McRepairTakesUnit: English  
- McSNeedCrates: English  
- McSVehicleAdded: English  
- McWithdrawReturnsUnit: English  
- McWithdrawTakesUnit: English  

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