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Q: I get a CreatePrimSurface error... is there a fix?

A: Install the latest DirectX and your graphic card drivers (NVidia, ATI).

Q: I can join a multiplayer game but I can't host one, why?

A: If you have a router then you will need to open up one port - 27963 UDP. If you have a software firewall then you have to allow all communication for OwarFull.exe

Q: My multiplayer game is listed on the Master Server site but noone can join it... why?

A: It is listed on the site because even with a firewall and/or router you can send information. The problem is that they can block incoming requests (like someone requesting to join a game). See the above answer to resolve hosting a game.

Q: I turned off my firewall, forwarded Original War's port and... nothing. I still can't host. Why?

A: You may have a non public (private) IP address. You can check your public IP here if it doesn't match the one that router (or PC if you don't have a router) shows you then you have private IP. The most popular private IP ranges are below:

  • –
  • –
  • –

You can try contacting your ISP about that. They may be able to forward OW's port to you if it's a small network or you can buy a public address. If your ISP doesn't offer anything about public IPs then you should consider changing it.

Q: I have downloaded a mod, where do i put it?

A: You need to place mods in a directory called "mods" in your Original War directory (Normally: C:\program files\original war\). Note that you need at least v1.03 installed before you can use mods. (Some mods will require higher versions)

Q: How can I play Original War online?

A: With versions below 1.09 you can play Original War online only with 3rd party software like GameSpy Arcade and Hamachi. With 1.09 you can also play Original War online via the Master Server. It allows you to join games via the Master Server site as well as from inside Original War.

Q: Why does the patcher freeze at 0%?

A: If your operating system uses a language like Chinese (Non-Latin) then you may need to change your Unicode settings to use English so that the patch can operate normally. You can always change the settings back after your have finished patching.

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