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Mods for Original War

- Absolute Dominion: English  
- Anarchy Mod: English   Polski  
- Arabian Campaign: English  
- Arabian Nights: English   Polski  
- Arabian Story: English   Česky  
- Arabscy Najemnicy: English  
- Back To The Future: English   Español   Polski  
- Balance Mod: English   Polski  
- Before The War: English  
- Dávná minulost(Long time ago): English   Česky  
- Finnish (Pre)History: English   Česky   Suomi  
- GSA Wars: English   Polski  
- Heroes by Accident: English   Polski  
- Kampania Amerykañska: English  
- Legion of Mercenary Soldiers: English   Polski  
- Maj Mod: English   Polski  
- Memories: English  
- Polish Company: English   Polski  
- Rosyjskie Złoto: English  
- Sand of Siberia: English   Polski  
- The Mystery Future: English   Polski  
- The Other Story: English   Polski  
- THROWBACK: English   Česky   Deutsch   Polski  
- ViP Clan Story: English   Polski  
- VSA Flagship Mod: English  

Mods with Original War theme but made for other games

- OWmod: English  
- First in Siberia: English  

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