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Back To The Future

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The arabian goverment sent their best soldiers to unleash its rage into an american base in alaska, a base that was holding the EON.

After the shocking moment, the Tactical Center of the Army started planning a recover for the base. This was so detailed, that took around half a month.

They moved a commando force to the area and they started the operation. Succesfully, they managed to get the base back to them. The US forces sent some of their best ranked scientists to renovate the "artifact"; But one day, a scientist (Robert Sparrow), in an intent to save one of the soldiers that were incredibly being absorbed by the EON, gets himself on it, and here the things starts to interest...

Will Robert Sparrow find them now?

The path to the future starts to be drawn.


The aim of the Mod is to take as much from the juice of Original War as possible, in order to bring to the player an intelligent, flexible and interesting gameplay, with a multiplicity of varibles.


  • Siemion Olejniczak
  • Colin "Bank" Kelly
  • Aleph Wren


Main Menu

Main Menu

Mission 1

Mission 1


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