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General Information

Mod Name: Memories
Mod Language: English, soon in german
Mod enviroment: Non Dynamic
Mod design: Almost no cubes you see, edges always use grass to cover hex fields, trees, snow, hills...
Current Mod version: 1.1c
Current Mod Mission count: 6 missions
Lenght of gameplay: ~4-8 hours depending on game skills (standard game speed)
Mod leader: TRUCKER
Co-Leader: Aleph Wren


The story is about group of 3 main heroes (Lisa,Powl,Frank) that met near a battleground. They take orders from their commander and try to survive as well as defend the american forces. Lisa lost their memories and landed in that battleground area. The main point of the mod is to find out who you are. Now there are no features telling you that, but currently we are working on a Bonus map that shows a part of Lisa's past.

Mission names + description

1. Black Hole
You are Lisa, girl from USA. You don't know what the heck is going on.

2. Omega, the end
After following the road, the group met a american Base called Omega. Now were about to find out more...

3. Alpha,the beginning
After successfully defending Omega, the Commander ordered you to come to the Alpha base as backup. Now were close to alpha and ready to go!

4. Remote asskicker's
After saving alpha base from total destruction, the commander ordered you to take the best scientists there are with you and research technology you could use agains arabs and russians!

5. A bit complicated...
The Remote technology, was a very intresting and usefull one. The americans understood, that the best way in having a war, was having it from home. So our 3 hero's got sent to a butterfly base. Lets see what happens...

6. I'm here! Who else?
The butterlfy base was a big fail. The russians probably heard of the success and tried to kill the commanders that had such a great skill. Anyway, meanwhile Alpha started a attack on an important Arabian base. Our group moved there to help alpha. Now we arrived.

7. 2 Fronts, double problems (UNRELEASED)

Future releases

The new version (1.2) will be released this month. It will include 2 new missions. 1 mission that continues on the story and 1 bonus map, which shows Lisa's past. I hope i will see you all trying it


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