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The Mystery Future

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June, 2032

Americans sent a secret expedition to Alaska and northern parts of Canada. Its goal was to find out more about the mysterious device, called EON. They knew it was a time machine, however the American scientists wanted to know its origin.

They moved to Siberia, to check the environment in which EON had been found many years before that. Advanced and sophisticated devices allowed them to measure the radiation, which could be still there since the Tunguska Catastrophe. Unfortunately, they didn't find anything interesting. The expedition was told to go back to the States. The whole operation was considered as a big failure.

Everyone was ready to leave and forget about the whole expedition. However, a day before moving out, a breakthrough occurred. A small group of scientists once again visited the place where EON had been found almost a hundred years earlier. They brought a newly created machine that enabled them to measure very tiny particles of the ground. Scientists found out that the particles hadn't been created in our Sun but in a white dwarf, hundreds of light years away from our solar system.

This overwhelming evidence allowed the expedition to begin the second phase, which was to find out why and how EON had come to Earth. They moved to an old, underground army facility in Alaska, where EON had been hidden from the rest of the world. The only hundred remaining crystals of siberite and information, the scientists had gathered during the first phase of the expedition, were necessary to solve this big mystery.

October, 2032

A massive, square-shaped flying object from outer space landed in Siberia. It didn't have any living creatures onboard. Instead, the spaceship was full of very advanced robots that looked similar to humans. They were obviously looking for siberite. Ordinary people didn't know anything about what was going on, evil androids were very reticent and they showed up only to few influential people.

Meanwhile, the scientists discovered another property of siberite. Thanks to that, they invented a siberite force-field that could protect Earth from the evil androids. The theoretical force-field was easy to construct, however it required enormous amount of power. The scientists estimated that they would need about two tons of siberite in order to get that much energy.

It didn't take long till the evil robots found out about the underground facility in Alaska. They broke into the base, killing guards and destroying everything on their way. They kidnapped a few scientists and rest of the soldiers to their spaceship.

EON had been hidden in a laboratory at the lowest floor. The only two remaining people - Bruce Thompson, a great soldier and spy; and Ted McGeek, a genius scientist - were the only ones able to save the world. Ted McGeek decided to stay in the laboratory and do the last researches on siberite, to make sure the force-field wouldn't do any harm to Earth. Bruce Thompson was preparing himself for a time travel. He had to get enough crystals and bring them back as quick as possible.

Travelling back to the future was possible due to Ted's electro-magnetic device that was able to undo the time travels, which had been held after 2030, when the device had been created.



Latest version: Alpha 0.3.1

Current status:

Mission #1 - COMPLETED (100%)
Mission #1_cont - COMPLETED (100%)
Mission #2 - COMPLETED (100%)
Mission #3 - COMPLETED (100%)
Mission #3_cont - COMPLETED (100%)
Mission #3_cont_cont2 - STOPPED (75%)


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