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Legion of Mercenary Soldiers

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In Legion of Mercenary Soldiers you are a mercenary - Hans Schmidt. You have been rented by arabian sheikhs. Your mission is to stop american's transport of Siberite from Siberia to Alaska. But when you are in the past - surprise - there are russians. Now you must combat on two fronts.

Legion of Mercenary Soldiers is a secret unit of commando. They were fighting in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they have obtained new, more difficult mission. Arabian sheikhs paid much money so Legion has accepted task without hesitation. However, mission has surpassed the boldest expectations of mercenaries. They had to be teleported to past using wonderful machine called EON, defeat americans and blast whole Siberite and then return to present times and receive money. You are one of Legion's soldiers - sublieutenant Hans Schmidt. However when you are in the past you discover whole truth...


Now mod is in polish and english version. Czech (by 5ITH) version will be available soon.


You can download mod from official mod's site.


Main Menu

Main Menu

Mission 1

Mission 1

Mission 2

Mission 2

Mission 3

Mission 3


Now mod is in version 1.20c BETA.


Mod's website



Thanks for Radzio and NNPlaya.

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