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Finnish (Pre)History

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Finnish (Pre)History is first Mod which will include the skirmish mode. It's being made by Finnish (Pre)History Mod Team: Kalmageddon a.k.a. Kalmanlapsi (SAIL and interface), Zadek (SAIL), Falcon (maps) and group of voice actors.

Demo version plans

- Skirmish mode
- 4 missions
- 3 language versions
- Changed music and interface
- Changed/balanced stats
- Voice dialogs


Main character is corporal Janne Viirtunen, soldier of formed by General G.C.E. Mannerheim in 1916 Suomalainen Armeija. While completing one of tasks, he gets prisoned by Russians. With his team he's moved to prisoners' camp in Siberia. When he was walking around, he found a strange machine - AJHAL. It was a time and space shifting machine. And only way of escape. So he asked his friends to use it. They accepted the offer...

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