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SAIL Functions/C/cs

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Tutorials/cs -> SAIL Functions/C/cs

Základní Funkce SAILu začínající na: A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | Y

Funkce SAILu začínající na "C"

CanBeConstructed: English  

CanBeResearched: English  

CanCarryHowMuch: English  

CanCarryNext: English  

CanCarry: English  

Carry: English  

CenterNowOnUnits: English  

CenterNowOnXY: English  

CenterOnUnits: English  

CenterOnXY: English  

ChangeBattleFlagOptions: English  

ChangeBattleFlagsSide: English  

ChangeMap: English   Polski  

ChangeMissionObjectives: English  

ChangeResourceAmoutXY: English  

ChangeSideFog: English  

CharacterSelection: English  

CheckBuildUpArea: English  

CheckCharacterSet: English  

CheckMinesInArea: English  

ClearAllFogForSide: English  

ClearHumansKilled: English  

ClearMcUnitsSpec: English  

ClearMcUnits: English  

ComAggresiveMove: English  

Poznámka: Před všechny funkce začínající na "Com", může být použit "Add" na začátku. Příklad:
ComMoveUnit -> AddComMoveUnit

ComAnim: English  

ComAttackPlace: English  

ComAttackSoporific: English  

ComAttackUnit: English  

cs: English  

ComBuild: English  

ComCancel: English  

ComCarabine: English  

ComChangeProfession: English  

ComCollect: English  

Comconstruct: English  

ComContaminate: English  

ComCrawl: English   Polski  

ComDismantle: English  

ComEnterUnit: English   Česky   Polski  

ComExitBuilding: English  

ComExitvehicle: English  

ComFireExplosives: English  

ComForceInvisible: English  

ComFree: English  

ComGet: English  

ComGive: English  

ComHack: English  

ComHeal: English  

ComHiddenCamera: English  

ComHold: English   Polski  

ComInvisible: English  

ComLinkToBase: English  

ComLinkTo: English  

ComLinkTo: English  

ComMoveToArea: English   Polski  

ComMoveUnit: English   Polski  

ComMoveXY: English   Polski  

ComPause: English  

ComPlaceDelayedCharge: English  

ComPlaceRemonteCharge: English  

ComPlaceWeapon: English  

ComRecycle: English  

ComRefuel: English  

ComRemember: English  

ComRepeairBuilding: English  

ComRepeairBuilding: English  

ComRepeairvehicle: English  

cs: English  

ComResearch: English  

ComResearch: English  

ComReturn: English  

ComSabre: English  

ComSailEvent: English  

ComSpaceShift: English  

ComStand: English  

ComStop: English   Polski  

ComTameXY: English  

ComTeleportExit: English  

ComTimeShift: English  

ComTransport: English  

ComTurnUnit: English  

ComTurnXY: English  

ComUnlink: English  

ComUnload: English  

ComUpgradeLab: English  

ComUpgrade: English  

ComWait: English  

ComWalk: English   Polski  

Constructable: English  

ContactTime: English  

Contaminate: English  

CopySkills: English  

CopyTasks: English  

CostOfBuilding: English  

CostOfvehicle: English  

CostOfWeapon: English  

Crawls: English  

CreateAndPlaceBuildingXYD: English   Česky   Polski  

CreateBuilding: English  

CreateCharacterSet: English  

CreateCharacterWithClass: English  

CreateCharacter: English  

CreateCratesAnywhere: English  

CreateCratesArea: English  

CreateCratesXYD: English  

CreateCratesXY: English  

CreateDepositXY: English  

CreateHuman: English   Česky   Polski  

CreateOneCharacterFromSetWithClass: English  

CreateOneCharacterFromSet: English  

CreateResourcesAnywhere: English  

CreateResourcesArea: English  

CreateResourcesXYD: English  

CreateResourcesXY: English  

Createvehicle: English  

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