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SAIL Functions/c -> CreateHuman


You can create character on these ways: using start.txt file, in editor or using SAIL. I`ll show you last one. It is comfortable because you don`t have to go away from code writing for make some new characters.


In SAIL units are defined with few parametres. Few are the same for characters, buildings and vehicles (side, nation, direction), others are working only with humans & apemen (sex, speed of walking, resistance against wounds, skills, class, name, importance). We start from define side and nation (if we won`t do this, character`s side will be 1 and nation american because these values are default or if we`ve set this parameter before it will be still in use. To restore defaults values use InitUc, InitVc, InitHc, InitBc). Now example of defining:


uc_side it`s a side of unit from 0 to 8. uc_nation defines nation. uc_direction is rather useless, it defines direction from 0-5. Time has come to set few more parametres. For example, we need Arabian mechanic of 4. level, other skills are 1, 0, 2.


hc_name='Radoslaw Zimmer';

hc_basic_skills=[1, 0, 3, 0];
hc_skills=[1, 0, 4, 2];


In this way we will create human named Radoslaw Zimmer, Arabian mechanic of 4. level, he will has 12 speed of walking and resistance = 11. We also set his ident on ar_mechanic_1. All we have to do is place him on map.


hc_ parametres

  • hc_name - name and surname of unit, it have to be between ' '.
  • hc_class - class of unit, possible values: class_soldier - soldier, class_engineer - engineer, class_mechanic - mechanic, class_scientistic - scientistic, class_sniper - sniper, class_mortar - mortar shooter, class_bazooker - bazooka shooter, class_desert_warrior - sheik(nation must be Arabian!), class_apeman - apeman, class_apeman_soldier - apemen-soldier, class_apeman_engineer - apemen-engineer, class_apeman_kamikaze - apemen-suicide-bomber.
  • hc_sex - sex of unit, it can be: sex_male - man or sex_female - woman.
  • hc_attr - it defines speed of walking and resistance against wounds.
  • hc_basic_skills - four integers which defines basic skills of character, can be any number from 0 to 10.
  • hc_skills - four integers which defines skills(learnt) of character, can be any number from 0 to 10.
  • hc_importance - this value defines level of brightness. Higher value = more brighted character.
  • hc_gallery='gallery1' - this value defines name of gallery, from which character will get face.

PS: It`s not necessary to use all parametres, the best is using only these from them which we need.

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