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Set Base Name

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Tutorials -> Set Base Name

Tutorial By: Radzio


How to give the name to a base?
It`s easy. I`ll show you how to do this.

Extract file Texts\BNames.wri from Data1.owp or create your own in mod_directory\Texts. Now if you extracted the file, you can use one of examples but if not, you should write in your file:

             //keep first line empty
identifier   //identifier used in SAIL (max 10 characters!)
base name    //real base name
             //the last line also should be empty

Note: Remember about empty lines between previous and next name. Remember that texts after // are only a comments, don`t write them in real file.
Now you can use in SAIL following command:

SetBName(building identifier,'name identifier')

Where the "building name" is an identifier of depot and the "name identifier" is an identifier of name defined in BNames.wri.

Additionally you can display the integers 0 to 9 as the base name without using BNames.wri by using the syntax

SetBName(building_identifier, '@' & integer);
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