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SAIL Functions/S -> SetNextMission

Added In: 1.09


SetNextMission works like YouWin except it sets the next mission based on the ID given to it. It means that you can make it goto level 2 after level 1 when the player enters the eon but if he chooses to quit then you could send him to level 5 for example. SetNextMission effects the campaign tree unlike ChangeMap which has no effect on it.


First you need to add an entry to the missions.dat . The mission numbers are the "true" next mission numbers that the SetNextMission id references to

NEXTM <NUM> <Mission1> <Mission2> <Mission3> 
NEXTM 2 13 15

Next you need to add SetNextMission to SAIL. It accepts an ID between 1 and 3 which corrisponds to the NEXTM values(1 would goto level 13 in the above example and 2 would goto level 15). You can have a maximum of 3 Mission values.


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