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SAIL Functions/G

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Tutorials -> SAIL Functions/G

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SAIL Functions beginning with "G"

GetActResearch: English  

GetAllivedVictory: English  

GetAttitude: English  

GetAttr: English  

GetBase: English  

GetBattleFlagSide: English  

GetBLevel: English  

GetBType: English  

GetBuildingShape_Enlarge: English  

GetBuildingShape: English  

GetBuildingTechReq: English  

GetBuildList: English  

GetBWeapon: English  

GetCargoType: English  

GetCargo: English  

GetChassis: English  

GetClass: English  

GetControl: English  

GetCustomRate: English  

GetDir: English  

GetDistUnitArea: English  

GetDistUnits: English  

GetDistUnitXY: English  

GetDistXY: English  

GetEnergy: English  

GetEngine: English  

GetExtPosition: English  

GetFreeMode: English  

GetFuel: English  

GetGraphicsBrightness: English  

GetGraphicsGamma: English  

GetHumansKilled: English  

GetIdent: English  

GetLabKind: English  

GetListOfCratesInArea: English  

GetListOfResourcesInArea: English  

GetLives: English   Česky   Polski  

GetMark: English  

GetMcUnitsSpec: English  

GetMcUnits: English  

GetMultiplayerSettings: English  

GetMultiScore: English  

GetNation: English  

GetProporties: English  

GetRememberedX: English  

GetRememberedY: English  

GetResourceAmountXY: English  

GetResourceArea: English  

GetResources: English  

GetResourceTypeXY: English  

GetResourceType: English  

GetResourceVisibility: English  

GetRestrict: English  

GetSex: English  

GetSideFog: English  

GetSide: English  

GetSkill: English  

GetTag: English  

GetTaskSkill: English  

GetTechLab: English  

GetTechProgress: English  

GetTechTechsReq: English  

GetTech: English  

GetType: English  

GetUnitActivity: English  

GetUnitMc: English  

GetUnitNumber: English  

GetWeapon: English  

GetWorkingProgress: English  

GetX: English  

GetY: English  

GiveMedals: English  

GiveMissionExperience: English  

GiveSkillBonus: English  

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