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SAIL Functions/G -> GetBuildList

SAIL Functions/MacrosRelated -> GetBuildList


Returns information of the buildings linked to specified base as a list (including factory extensions). Each element looks like this:

[building_type, x-coordinate, y-coordinate, direction]

Note that the depot/warehouse is always 'linked' to the specified base.
Furthermore, note that labs, which are not upgraded, are represented by the constant "b_lab"; half-upgraded labs are represented only by their lab extension, for instance "b_lab_opto" for opto lab; fully upgraded labs are represented twice - one time for each lab extension. So if a lab has a weapon and a siberium extension it is represented twice with the same data for the coordinates and direction but with "b_lab_weapon" and "b_lab_siberium" as the difference.



base - identifier of a base (use function GetBase)


This is an example of an output:

[[0,34,21,2], [4,56,22,0], [12,45,30,5], [15,45,30,5]]

So this base has a depot (b_depot = 0) on hex [34,21] turning in direction 2,
an armoury (b_armoury = 4) on hex [56,22] turning in direction 0, and
a fully upgraded lab on hex [45,30] turning in direction 5 with a computer and an opto extension (b_lab_computer = 12, b_lab_opto = 15).

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