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Tutorials -> Grndsec


Grndsec creates the GBI`s(Ground Bitmap Image) which are "painted" over the maps. GBI`s contain the ground image as well as water information which is used by Original War to create waves.

Grndsec with Ground Bitmap loaded

Creating A GBI

Load ow_editor
Open ur map
Files -> Export Ground Bitmap
Close ow_editor

Modify the ground bitmap you saved using your favorite image editor

Load grndsec
File -> Load_BMP (load the ground bitmap you modifyed)
Click on Autopack
GBI -> Save
Close grndsec

Note: GBI`s are stored in GroundBI. Im assuming u need to save into it. (u would need to create a directory with that name in ur mod`s directory)

Load ow_editor
Open ur map
Files -> Import GBI
Files -> Save
Files -> Restart

Your ground should now be displayed.

Adding Water to a GBI

Note: your map needs to have water in it to add water to a GBI

Load ow_editor
Open ur map
File -> Export Water Heightmap
File -> Import Water Heightmap
Modify -> Compute Water ZBuffer (This step is only needed with v1.09 or below)
File -> Export Water Image as Bin
Close ow_editor

Load grndsec GBI -> Load (open your GBI) File -> Load WI (load the water image you saved) Click on Autopack GBI -> Save
Load ow_editor Open ur map Files -> Import GBI Files -> Save Files -> Restart

Water should now have waves when you go ingame.

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