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Adding Exclamations

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Tutorials -> Adding Exclamations

Tutorial By: NNPlaya


For adding exclamations to your mod you will need three files: Voices.txt (file, where is list of voices), Exclamations.wri (file, where are text of exclamations, it`s diffrent for every language, so place it in correct folder, for example #POL) and Exclamations.txt (file, where exclamations are linked to events). Extract them from Data1.owp. There are in Data/GameInit folder. You also need your characters face to make it in XichtED. Let`s start from face. When you create face of character add it to gallery and click on it [right mouse button] (in gallery window) and select Voice button. Then write there few-numbers(the best 1-3) value and click OK. Next click again [right mouse button] and select Name and write there your characters name, the best are short names, like JMM (for John Macmillan). Save gallery. Now let`s look after Exclamations.wri. There is saved text of exclamations so add your characters exclamations to them. This is how to look like Lisa`s text:

EX_RA-Lisa-1 "Yes?" 
EX_RA-Lisa-2 "Sir?"  
EX_RB-Lisa-2 "Let me at them!" 
EX_CA-Lisa-1 "I'm on it!" 
EX_CA-Lisa-2 "Got it." 
EX_MA-Lisa-1 "Moving" 
EX_MA-Lisa-2 "Let's go" 
EX_OA-Lisa-2 "I'm the bitch from Hell!" 
EX_OA-Lisa-3 "Lets prey!" 
EX_OH-Lisa-2 "I'd rather be killing Russians" 
EX_NA-Lisa-1 "You're kidding right?" 
EX_NA-Lisa-2 "That’s not possible" 
EX_FA-Lisa-1 "Next?" 
EX_FA-Lisa-2 "All done" 
EX_FB-Lisa-1 "So what now?" 
EX_FB-Lisa-2 "I'm here" 
EX_FC-Lisa-1 "Engines running" 
EX_FC-Lisa-2 "Ready to move" 
EX_FD-Lisa-1 "That's the way I like them - Dead!" 
EX_FD-Lisa-2 "Now, who's next?" 
EX_FF-Lisa-2 "Vehicle's built, now please can I kill someone?" 
EX_FL-Lisa-1 "Now, who wants some?" 
EX_BA-Lisa-1 "I love my work!" 
EX_BA-Lisa-2 "Did that hurt?" 
EX_BB-Lisa-2 "Yee hah!" 
EX_BC-Lisa-1 "Come to mama!" 
EX_BC-Lisa-2 "Lets make that your last smile" 
EX_BD-Lisa-2 "Catch this!" 
EX_KA-Lisa-1 "So much more fun when they shoot back" 
EX_KA-Lisa-2 "Missed me" 
EX_HA-Lisa-1 "That didn't hurt" 
EX_HA-Lisa-2 "Ouch" 
EX_WA-Lisa-1 "Pain just helps me focus" 
EX_WA-Lisa-2 "Hey… They're almost shooting straight" 
EX_UA-Lisa-1 "Maybe I'll just sit this one out" 
EX_UA-Lisa-2 "Shit, that's not supposed to happen" 
EX_IA-Lisa-1 "Hey, find me some targets will ya?" 
EX_IA-Lisa-2 "I could use a little action" 
EX_EA-Lisa-1 "Crates here!" 
EX_EB-Lisa-1 "Siberite here!" 
EX_EC-Lisa-1 "Oil here!" 
EX_ED-Lisa-1 "Are you here to kill or be killed?" 
EX_ED-Lisa-2 "What are you doing here?" 
EX_EE-Lisa-1 "Ah… somebody to kill" 
EX_EE-Lisa-2 "Target practise!" 
EX_LA-Lisa-1 "My soldiering skill just got better" 
EX_LA-Lisa-2 "My soldiering skill just increased" 
EX_LB-Lisa-1 "My mechanical skill just got better" 
EX_LB-Lisa-2 "My mechanical skill just increased" 
EX_LC-Lisa-1 "My engineering skill just got better" 
EX_LC-Lisa-2 "My engineering skill just increased" 
EX_LD-Lisa-1 "My scientific skill just got better" 
EX_LD-Lisa-2 "My scientific skill just increased" 
EX_XA-Lisa-1 "Hey, let me out!" 
EX_XB-Lisa-1 "Siberite's gone!" 
EX_XB-Lisa-2 "Alaskite's gone" 
EX_XC-Lisa-1 "I feel sick" 
EX_XD-Lisa-1 "Hey, Fuel is getting low" 
EX_XE-Lisa-1 "Looks like I'm walking" 

Use that as example, create and add your exclamations. You can add them on end of file or start. Next step is the most booring of all. It`s editing Exclamations.txt. Take a look how to look like beginning of file:

   EXCL  1 //number of exclamation 
     NAME RA //name/shortcut of exclamation, the same like in Exclamations.wri 
     LOG 0 
     DISPLAY 0  //If you put here 1, game will show exclamation`s text as a dialog 
     ENEMY 0 
     FADE 0 
     HINT 0  //When here is 1, game will show hint, of course if it is. 
     PROB  1 //It means first variant of exclamation 
       ITEM  101  0  //here you should place your characters number (the same,
                     //which you have set for him/her in XichtED P.S. I don`t
                     //know what means number 0 here. In others exclamations
                     //they are diffrent, so I don`t changed it, just write
                     //the same as 101 (Macmillan`s voice) 
       ITEM  102  0 
       ITEM  103  0 

So this how to look like beginning of every variant of exclamation:

PROB  1  // or PROB 2, I mean second variant 
      ITEM  113  0 //of course this is our characters voice number set in
      ITEM  101  0 
      ITEM  102  0 
      ITEM  103  0 

And the easiest step: editing Voices.txt. There you have to add your characters voice number. For example, if you set in XichtED your characters voice number as 113 and name as IMM it should look like this (whole file):

     ITEM  113  IMM 
     ITEM  101  JMM 
     ITEM  102  Lisa 
     ITEM  103  Joan 
     ITEM  104  Frank 
     ITEM  105  Corn 
     ITEM  106  Cyrus 
     ITEM  107  Glad 
     ITEM  108  Don 
     ITEM  109  Bobby 
     ITEM  201  Bur 
     ITEM  202  Bel 
     ITEM  203  Gny 
     ITEM  204  Glb 
     ITEM  205  Pty 
     ITEM  206  Gla 
     ITEM  207  Tit 
     ITEM  208  Gos 
     ITEM  209  Kir 
     ITEM  1  ARM 
     ITEM  2  ARF 
     ITEM  3  AMM 
     ITEM  4  AMF 
     ITEM  5  ALM 
     ITEM  6  ALF 
     ITEM  11  RRM 
     ITEM  12  RRF 
     ITEM  13  RMM 
     ITEM  14  RMF 
     ITEM  15  RLM 
     ITEM  16  RLF 
     ITEM  255  Ape 

At least you can add sounds of your exclamations. It should be in folders: Dialogs(you can put it in sound folder)/[Nation shortcut]/Exclamations/[name exclamation, for example EX_XB-Lisa-1.wav]. Of course you can prepare exclamations sounds in diffrent languages and put them in correct folders (for example, Dialogs.pol, I think its all.

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