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General info

Original War has its own time measuring mechanism. The smallest unit of time is called a tick.


Tick's duration isn't necessarily constant but quantized. It can be changed using the speed slider while playing.

Using the normal speed, one tick lasts 1/35 of a second. It's the same in a multi-player game where you have no speed slider.

SAIL and time

In SAIL time can be expressed using plain integers and will be treated as number of ticks:


Above will wait 35 ticks, that is 1 second if you use the normal speed.

But it can also be expressed using special notation with a dollar sign. It's then a separator between minutes and seconds:


Above will wait 1 minute and 5 seconds but there is a caveat: this is true only if you use the normal speed!

SAIL interpreter finds X$Y notation and applies: 35 * (60 * X + Y). Nothing less, nothing more.

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