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The information on this page has been taken from Sprocket's website.

Sprocket is owned and operated by IDEA games, an association of independent developers. Our aim is to promote the games developed by our member studios. More information about our company can be found on our web. Sprocket allows you to buy and download computer games. The games offered usually come from the members of IDEA games, but some of them were developed by other partners as well.

If you want to contact us for any reason, you can do so at


There are three different technologies utilized by Sprocket:
1) the on-line shop
2) the protection technology for games
3) the delivery system.

The portal web is running on ZenCart. ZenCart is OpenSource e-commerce solution and it is distributed under GPL.

You will use the portal to browse the titles on offer, access information about them and order them online. When ordering, you might have an opportunity to select the language version you prefer (subject to availability) and the server mirror you want to use.

The protection

Our games are protected by Softwrap on-line protection system and Softwrap also handles the payment gateway and credit card rocessing. When you buy a game through Softwrap, you will be assigned a unique license and serial number. The serial number will be e-mailed to you, along with the details about your transaction.

After you install the game and run it for the first time, it will connect to the Softwrap online license server and verify that it is a legal installation (you have to be online in order to do this). Under normal circumstances you don't have to enter the serial number manually, the process is absolutely seamless and transparent.

The game is then bound to your current hardware configuration. As long as your system does not change, the game doesn't have to connect to the license server to verify the installation (and therefore you don't have to be online). Should your hardware configuration change significantly you will be prompted for your serial number. The game than verifies the number is valid and runs normally.

The delivery

Once you pay for the game, you will be redirected back to and you will download a small file "sprocket.exe". This is the downloader that will manage the actual data transfer from our servers to your computer.

When you run sprocket.exe it will connect to the server (depending on the choices you made during the ordering process, with regard to the language version and file mirror) and start downloading the installation file. You can pause or cancel the download at any time. The downloader can resume broken downloads.

When the download is complete, the downloader runs the installation and removes itself.

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