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Tutaj znajdziecie informacje dotyczące poprawek do Original War. Patch oznaczony jako "Full" ma wszystkie poprawki, które są potrzebne do aktualizacji z wersji czystej (bez żadnych łatek) bądź z jakimiś poprzednimi zmianami (już z jakimś patchem) do wersji finalnej, pomijając w ten sposób mniejsze poprawki (np. jeżeli chcemy 1.07, to instalując patch "Full" pomijamy 1.01, 1.06.2 i 1.06.1 etc. Podobnie jest z poprzednimi poprawek - w przypadku wersji "Full" 1.07, nie ma potrzeby instalować 1.06)

Należy pamiętać, że nie powinno się instalować "Altar Patch 1" albo "Altar Patch 2", poniważ są one już w nowszych wersjach "Full", takich jak 1.06 i wyższych. Zalecane jest zainstalowanie wersji "Full" patcha najnowszego, a w przypadku wyjścia nowej łatki - zaktualizować do wersji zwyż (np. 1.06 - 1.07)

Bieżace wersje

Aktualna wersja:

1.11.0 Changelog

Added: 24 People, Siberite Bomb, Siberite Detection and Cost of Information options to Party (Gothuk) 
Added: Russian video subtitle support added 
Added: New SAIL Command: GetUnitsNearUnit
Added: New SAIL Varible: PauseMusic
Added: English Subtitibles
Added: Dedicated server can now be controled from inside the chatroom (Requires admin login)
Added: Create Server dialog now allows you to set the games name
Added: Arabians now have there own Interface scheme (Morphid)
Added: SetPerfectExperience function to SAIL
Added: MISSION_EXP_LIMITS can now be set through game.txt
Added: McBenn's Ident Descriptions added
Added: Latest Clanbase Support
Added: More resolution options in the launcher
Bug Fix: Improved broadcasting support (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Polish Alien Base MultiDescs now have proper font (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (SAIL - Radzio, maps - Radzio & Gothuk, MultiDescs - Gothuk & Radzio)
Bug Fix: Owarfull.dll renamed to Owarfull.exe, this fixes systems which can't run DLL's as EXE's
Bug Fix: Spectator related crash fixed. Spectators now take up a team slot
Bug Fix: Multiplayer ingame chat is now logged in the ingame log window
Bug Fix: Fatal value of MVR on certain maps with customres parameter fixed
Bug Fix: AM05, AM08, AM10, RU06, RU09 fix (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Multiple Exploits fixed
Changed: Dedicated server interface improved.
Changed: PakView Interface improved
Changed: Grndsec Interface improved
Changed: New Buildup Time (Radzio)

1.10 Changelog

Added: AVI Support
Added: SAIL commands: MinimapVideo_Play, MinimapVideo_Stop and MinimapVideo_isActive
Added: Hamachi games are now listed on the Master Server
Added: Ability to not list your game on the Master Server (For Private Games using NOLISTING)
Added: EnableFPSCounter parameter
Added: Option to enable/disable VSync (only effects fullscreen, is disabled by default)
Added: Ability to create trampled grass in the OW Editor
Added: Re-enabled the Create Backup menu option in the OW Editor
Added: Spectator ability to Babylon, Bastard Pass, Bloody Valley and Flags
Added: Dedicated Server application (Beta)
Added: Import\Export multiplayer avatar option to XichtEd
Added: Russian Support added (thanks to vvlad)
Added: Multiplayer rooms can now have passwords when created ingame
Added: Master Sever game list added to inroom game browser
Added: Icons to game lists to show passworded, dedicated and ping
Added: BMP screenshots created with F12
Added: More and better Italian(Hokram), Polish(Gothuk, Radzio, Serpher and Zone) and Spanish(Gwren1) translations
Added: IRC multiplayer lobby
Added: Games now show if they are running a mod in the server list as well as if the user has the mod installed
Bug Fix: Mods multiplayer area nolonger causes an access violation
Bug Fix: Crate stacking fixed
Bug Fix: Editor now removes grass correctly
Bug Fix: Spectators nolonger count as a player when working out if a game can launch
Bug Fix: Russian question nolonger asked when running a mod and choosing the russian campaign
Bug Fix: Fixed a division by zero error
Bug Fix: Misc launcher bugs
Bug Fix: Unit experience, sources and breastworks in Bastard Pass have been fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Artifacts will now spawn in Free for all mode of Babylon (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Artifacts will now work (Broken in earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: MasterServer thread nolonger crashes
Bug Fix: Multiplayer messages are now displayed in the message log
Bug Fix: Message log was wrongly displaying what choice a user picked in a query
Bug Fix: Apes spawning fixed on Babylon (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Server list nolonger clears its self 
Changed: Increased ProtocolVersion. Incompatible with previous versions online
Changed: Spectators nolonger join teams or have the ability to select colour, position, etc
Changed: Spectators see all multiplayer chat and send to all players (Diplomacy settings don't effect spectators)
Changed: Base langauge is now controled via the owar.ini
Changed: Editor now scans for avalible galleries (gallerys.txt is now obsolite)
Changed: Flags now has a minimum of 9 starting units and a maximum of 24 (by Argoneus)
Changed: ErrorLogs are now stored in Error_Logs folder in your Original War directory
Removed: "Low Res" version removed due to increased bugs
Removed: Apemen listbox removed in Bastard Pass as it never effected the map (By Radzio)

1.09 Changelog

Added: Palette editor in GM View
Added: Merge images to GM Views preview window
Added: Czech, French, German and Italian Pakview translations by 5ITH
Added: Czech(5ITH,Sali,CPT), Polish(H1R3KD, Yuri, Radzio) and Spanish(5ITH, Gwren1) multiplayer translations.
Added: Master Server Support
Added: Mod Setup Creator App
Added: SetNextMission SAIL command
Added: 8Bit BMP import to GM Editor
Added: 8Bit BMP palette import to GM Editor
Added: SAIL Editors font can now be set
Added: Multithreading to the Patch System and PakView
Bug Fix: CD is now checked after checking in OW\Disk2 and OW directories (prevents No Disk errors on some pc/laptops when you have a full install)
Bug Fix: OW nolonger skips a parameter each time it reads one (introduced in 1.08)
Bug Fix: Multidesc files are now loaded using the language thats currently selected over using the games language (#ENG, etc)
Bug Fix: OW now picks files based on Selected Lang -> Game Lang -> English Version (Order it trys to find files)
Bug Fix: Creates nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Oil/Siberite nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Spectator view nolonger disapears in certain situations
Bug Fix: Pakview now correctly displays the "Extracted" percentage
Bug Fix: Default profile is now correctly created. (Broken in an earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: EXP cheat on AM05_Cont and RU06 fixed by Radzio
Bug Fix: Launcher no longer removes all parameters when skip is the first one
Bug Fix: When an error is reported by Original War it will now always set the colours back when the app exits
Bug Fix: English subtitles on american intro fixed
Bug Fix: Multiplayer text now causes the gamewindow to do a full refresh when text is shown/hidden
Bug Fix: Customres nolonger causes access violations with Factories and Workshops
Bug Fix: InGameOn is now used at the start of RU1 and RU2
Changed: If running in a window and the colours change to 32bit then OW will set them back to 16bit insted of forcing OW into fullscreen
Changed: Patch system now checks all CD/DVD drives (including virtual ones) for Disk 2 insted of just the first one
Improved: AntiTrainer code has been improved

1.08 Changelog

Added: Czech and Italian game translations (By 5ITH)
Added: Pakview now has the ability to re-build OWP files
Added: Pakview now has the ability show how much space is wasted in an OWP
Added: Pakview now has multilanguage support(Currently English, Polish and Spanish has been translated)
Added: Japanease support for game
Added: Multilanguage text support for game (Use #ENG, #FRA, #GER, #ITA, #SPA, #CZE, #JAP or #POL as params)
Added: Spectator support in multiplayer games (Currently only in Alien Base)
Added: 5 SAIL commands: LoadCharacter (By Radzio), RegenerateArea, RegenerateUnits, Multiplayer_GetPlayerIsSpec, IAmSpec
Added: Identify tool in the SAIL Editor
Added: GM Editor created. Allows editing of GMX, GMS and GMZ files
Bug Fix: Enginear and Cornel spawning bug in AM10 fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Customising avatar in multiplayer now unchecks the "im ready"
Bug Fix: Misc bug fixes
Bug Fix: Ingame videos now play (bug introduced in a previous patch)
Bug Fix: American warehouse image in Rus and Arab interface fixed
Bug Fix: Exclamations now check Dialogs\ as well as the users language folder
Bug Fix: Character names nolonger have a gap at the start
Bug Fix: Dialogs and Videos now play correctly when using a non English version of original war and when you use a langauge parameter
Bug Fix: Gaps infront of dialog names removed.
Bug Fix: You may now only transport resources if you have at least 10 of that kind (Stops players transporting 1 and getting 10 at the other end)

1.07.2 Changelog

Added: Allow and Disallow map lists.
Added: Allow Multiplayer Maps to have units which talk in them. (as in Dialogs) 
Added: AreaToList SAIL command.
Added: Campaign buttons can now display text.
Added: OW Now can use sound in a mods mod.owp file. 
Added: Exit button on the select mod screen of the editor.
Added: When OW catches an error it will generate an error log (OWEL) with extended info (i.e Win Ver, CPU Speed)
Added: Clanbase support. OW Players can now have ranked multiplayer games!
Added: Edit boxes can now have text copyed and pasted. Only basic. No selection.
Added: Users can create a custom avatar for use in multiplayer games.
Bug Fix: Multiplayer area (bit where u select team) now correctly works when u change mod and go back to it.
Bug Fix: Floats are now fixed on systems which use a comma insted of a dot. 
Bug Fix: Misc bugs when changing mods.
Bug Fix: the launcher nolonger minimises OW. 
Bug Fix: txtXX.wri files are now trimright'd, meaning any spaces at the end are cut off. 
Bug Fix: PakView now correctly handles Wav files that use the optional 2 byte field at the end of the header. 
Bug Fix: 42(+12 is not a number error is fixed.
Bug Fix: Editor now correctly names directories when it creates a mod.
Bug Fix: Original War nolonger crashes at the Victory Screen if a multiplayer game was over 1 hour long.
Bug Fix: Memory leaks when opening a OWP file fixed(Applys to everything that used OWP files including the game)
Changed: Proper Unicode Launcher.
Changed: New Interface for Launcher.
Changed: PakView speed increase.
Changed: sounds in OWP files can be in Sound\Dialogs\ as well as Dialogs\
Changed: OWP files saved by PakView are now saved with the OWP3 format. 
Changed: all maps made with the editor will now have anti-trainer code built in.
Changed: Multiplayer chat system changed. No longer uses hint system for multiplayer chat.
Updated: OWS Video (Startup logo thingy) updated to the OWS site theme.

1.06 and below

Original War Game

Added: Will change to 16bit if needed when -window is used in the paremeters
Added: German translations for some of the editor
Added: Autoupdate feature on the launcher
Bug Fix: Arabian interface selection bug
Changed: Buildup time added to Alien Base, Babylon, Bastard Pass and Bloody Valley
Changed: Due to the rebuild of the launcher it nolonger does a cd check
Changed: Mouse hidden at credits screen
Changed: Pause restored in multiplayer

Added: Arabians have there own menus (Currently just a copy of the russian one)
Added: Enter IP option added to the multiplayer menu
Added: Additional language system so new buttons can use the users language
Added: CRC check added to multiplayer. Makes mods safe which are in an owp.
Added: Ability to use different language if they exist
Bug Fix: Sound is now loaded from the Mod first and Game second.
Bug Fix: Problems with mod credits fixed (bug with colours going over byte limits and bug with gap between credits)
Bug Fix: Medals nolonger crash with arab campaigns
Changed: Protocol Version has been changed
Changed: Menu System Improved.
Exploit Fix: Pressing the self destruct key multiple times no longer causes multiple explosions.

Added: Ability to load mods from a owp file
Added: Ability to modify the menus
Added: Mods section in main menu
Added: Game version label on main menu
Added: Clients connecting to a host no longer have to select the mod the host is using. It will automaticaly load the mod the host has if its on the clients pc.
Bug Fix: Colour, Team and Position checkbox`s no longer cause violations if a player joins when another player is selecting one of them.
Bug Fix: Cutscenes after the first play correctly now. (they were broken in 1.03)
Exploit Fix: Apemen can no longer become invisible. Only soldiers can place mines(note: other units will still walk to the location, but not place mines). 
Exploit Fix: No longer can you use enemies vehicles when u have the factory selected when it builds a unit or when a mechanic enters a vehicle.
Exploit Fix: Holding down S before exploding a Self Destructing Car no longer causes a large explosion based on how long the S key was held.
Changed: Pause disabled in multiplayer games. Restart and Quick Restart shortcuts disabled in Multiplayer.

Bug Fix: Fixed loss of music when data\gameinit\game.txt was used in a mod.

Added: Additional moddability. See Mods\Test\Data\gameinit\game.txt

Bug Fix: Language problems fixed

Added: Ability to load from mods
Added: Checking to see if mod and mod versions are different when joining a multiplayer game
Bug Fix: Large mouse movements no longer crash the credits screen
Bug Fix: Misc Bugs/Errors
Changed: Protocol Version has been changed
Changed: VIDEONAME added to campaigns/SIDE/missions.dat to allow varible videos to be loaded. VIDEO = 1 is needed to play a video
Changed: Mods have there own profile saves location (Userprofiles/Mod)

Original War Editor

Added: 2 new SAIL commands related to making mine fields
Added: Create mod window which creates the nessisary directorys and ini file for you
Added: Editor will change the users colours to 16Bit if there not set to it and change it back when the editor is closed
Added: Hex grass tool (fills in all selected hex`s)
Added: Wizard
Added: Minimap now displays a rectangle indecating window position(note: not perfect)
Added: Include feature (for SAIL)
Bug Fix: SAIL code is compiled into code.bin (was disabled b4)
Changed: Default map is no longer loaded at start

Added: Raise and lower hex tools added
Added: Delete source tool
Added: Gallery browser for selecting portraits
Added: The ability to delete units, env, grass and water one by one
Added: Mod support
Changed: Terrain now changes all the selected hex`s rather than one
Changed: User interface has been improved
Changed: FOW only effects the ingame side of the editor
Changed: Minimap defaultly refreshes
Changed: Unit,Env,Grass and Water deleteing is now done independantly of the current layer


Changed: Updated the interface to be more like WinZip


Added: Duplicate and Add files.

Added: Image convertion down to 8bit with dithering option
Added: Ability to use palette files insted of getting a palette from the bmp. (JASC Palette files are compatible)
Changed: Interface improved


Changed: Improved Interface
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