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This section will discribe the Original War patches. A patch marked as a "Full" is a patch which includes everything needed to update Original War from the vanilla(As in no prior patches installed) state or above(as in already has some patches installed) and a patch marked as "Patch" is one which will only update its own version range (as in 1.07.2 patch would work on 1.07 and 1.07.1) and the previous verson range (as in 1.07.2 would work on 1.06 or above).

Note that you should not install "Altar Patch 1" or "Altar Patch 2" as they are included with 1.06 and above. Its recommended that you first use a "Full" to update Original War to the latest version and then use "Patch" versions when new ones come out.

Current Version

The current version is

1.12.9 Changelog

Added: SAMERES parameter
Changed: With resolutions above 1024 wide the face panel now scales

1.12.8 Changelog

Added: WINDOWFULL parameter
Added: Window option to launcher settings
Bug Fix: Original War shuts down when a mission is lost
Bug Fix: Range Check Errors removed
Bug Fix: Spanish Translation would crash multiplayer
Bug Fix: Launcher displays error when sent parameters
Changed: When ran directly OW correctly sets the resolution
Changed: Launcher no longer runs OW instantly when parameters are sent (Steam Only)

1.12.2 Changelog

Added: New parameter 'BORDER'
Added: New parameter 'WINDOWEX'
Added: Enabled port changing in OwarDedicated (Experimental)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (Party, Bastard Pass)
Bug Fix: Spectators no longer increase Sync Lost's
Bug Fix: No longer crashes if a DirectX Application goes fullscreen
Bug Fix: No longer freezes if you try to do a second multiplayer match
Bug Fix: No longer crashes if OW tries to draw outside a maps bounds
Bug Fix: Editor no longer crashes when it comes back from fullscreen mode
Bug Fix: Apeman engineering Leveling
Bug Fix: Profession level text not updating
Bug Fix: Remote vehicles no longer stuck linked to mechanics when destroyed
Bug Fix: Upgrade bonuses now display correct information
Bug Fix: Task queues fixed
Bug Fix: Animals can no longer help build
Bug Fix: Fixed Remote charges
Bug Fix: Self-destruction of remote vehicles fixed
Bug Fix: Quick dismantlement of buildings fixed
Bug Fix: Sniper/mortar/bazooka massive damage attack fixed
Bug Fix: Fixed sleeping people shooting
Bug Fix: Fixed unlimited range attacks while being in effective time lapser's range
Bug Fix: Fixed attacks on invisible units while being in effective time lapser's range
Bug Fix: Fixed soporific ammo attacks on invisible units
Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on sleeping people/apemen
Bug Fix: Fixed gaining exp on crates
Bug Fix: Fixed counting of spectators
Bug Fix: Fixed pushing control exploit
Bug Fix: Fixed random amounts of materials from destroyed depots
Bug Fix: Fixed 'division by zero' while resizing interface with many buildings
Bug Fix: Sending fake MS packets no longer causes Access Violations
Bug Fix: Grndsec no longer crashes when adding water
Changed: Packets are now encrypted
Changed: Editor only creates 'libarysources.txt' if needed
Changed: Charges can only be placed by Arabian soldiers
Changed: Buildings can be repaired only by human engineers, apeman engineers and cranes.
Changed: Clients can find servers on non-standard ports (using the MasterServer)
Changed: Permanent stand ground mode option is forced.

1.11.0 Changelog

Added: 24 People, Siberite Bomb, Siberite Detection and Cost of Information options to Party (Gothuk) 
Added: Russian video subtitle support added 
Added: New SAIL Command: GetUnitsNearUnit
Added: New SAIL Varible: PauseMusic
Added: English Subtitibles
Added: Dedicated server can now be controled from inside the chatroom (Requires admin login)
Added: Create Server dialog now allows you to set the games name
Added: Arabians now have there own Interface scheme (Morphid)
Added: SetPerfectExperience function to SAIL
Added: MISSION_EXP_LIMITS can now be set through game.txt
Added: McBenn's Ident Descriptions added
Added: Latest Clanbase Support
Added: More resolution options in the launcher
Bug Fix: Improved broadcasting support (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Polish Alien Base MultiDescs now have proper font (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Multiplayer map fixes (SAIL - Radzio, maps - Radzio & Gothuk, MultiDescs - Gothuk & Radzio)
Bug Fix: Owarfull.dll renamed to Owarfull.exe, this fixes systems which can't run DLL's as EXE's
Bug Fix: Spectator related crash fixed. Spectators now take up a team slot
Bug Fix: Multiplayer ingame chat is now logged in the ingame log window
Bug Fix: Fatal value of MVR on certain maps with customres parameter fixed
Bug Fix: AM05, AM08, AM10, RU06, RU09 fix (Radzio)
Bug Fix: Multiple Exploits fixed
Changed: Dedicated server interface improved.
Changed: PakView Interface improved
Changed: Grndsec Interface improved
Changed: New Buildup Time (Radzio)

1.10 Changelog

Added: AVI Support
Added: SAIL commands: MinimapVideo_Play, MinimapVideo_Stop and MinimapVideo_isActive
Added: Hamachi games are now listed on the Master Server
Added: Ability to not list your game on the Master Server (For Private Games using NOLISTING)
Added: EnableFPSCounter parameter
Added: Option to enable/disable VSync (only effects fullscreen, is disabled by default)
Added: Ability to create trampled grass in the OW Editor
Added: Re-enabled the Create Backup menu option in the OW Editor
Added: Spectator ability to Babylon, Bastard Pass, Bloody Valley and Flags
Added: Dedicated Server application (Beta)
Added: Import\Export multiplayer avatar option to XichtEd
Added: Russian Support added (thanks to vvlad)
Added: Multiplayer rooms can now have passwords when created ingame
Added: Master Sever game list added to inroom game browser
Added: Icons to game lists to show passworded, dedicated and ping
Added: BMP screenshots created with F12
Added: More and better Italian(Hokram), Polish(Gothuk, Radzio, Serpher and Zone) and Spanish(Gwren1) translations
Added: IRC multiplayer lobby
Added: Games now show if they are running a mod in the server list as well as if the user has the mod installed
Bug Fix: Mods multiplayer area nolonger causes an access violation
Bug Fix: Crate stacking fixed
Bug Fix: Editor now removes grass correctly
Bug Fix: Spectators nolonger count as a player when working out if a game can launch
Bug Fix: Russian question nolonger asked when running a mod and choosing the russian campaign
Bug Fix: Fixed a division by zero error
Bug Fix: Misc launcher bugs
Bug Fix: Unit experience, sources and breastworks in Bastard Pass have been fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Artifacts will now spawn in Free for all mode of Babylon (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Artifacts will now work (Broken in earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: MasterServer thread nolonger crashes
Bug Fix: Multiplayer messages are now displayed in the message log
Bug Fix: Message log was wrongly displaying what choice a user picked in a query
Bug Fix: Apes spawning fixed on Babylon (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Server list nolonger clears its self 
Changed: Increased ProtocolVersion. Incompatible with previous versions online
Changed: Spectators nolonger join teams or have the ability to select colour, position, etc
Changed: Spectators see all multiplayer chat and send to all players (Diplomacy settings don't effect spectators)
Changed: Base langauge is now controled via the owar.ini
Changed: Editor now scans for avalible galleries (gallerys.txt is now obsolite)
Changed: Flags now has a minimum of 9 starting units and a maximum of 24 (by Argoneus)
Changed: ErrorLogs are now stored in Error_Logs folder in your Original War directory
Removed: "Low Res" version removed due to increased bugs
Removed: Apemen listbox removed in Bastard Pass as it never effected the map (By Radzio)

1.09 Changelog

Added: Palette editor in GM View
Added: Merge images to GM Views preview window
Added: Czech, French, German and Italian Pakview translations by 5ITH
Added: Czech(5ITH,Sali,CPT), Polish(H1R3KD, Yuri, Radzio) and Spanish(5ITH, Gwren1) multiplayer translations.
Added: Master Server Support
Added: Mod Setup Creator App
Added: SetNextMission SAIL command
Added: 8Bit BMP import to GM Editor
Added: 8Bit BMP palette import to GM Editor
Added: SAIL Editors font can now be set
Added: Multithreading to the Patch System and PakView
Bug Fix: CD is now checked after checking in OW\Disk2 and OW directories (prevents No Disk errors on some pc/laptops when you have a full install)
Bug Fix: OW nolonger skips a parameter each time it reads one (introduced in 1.08)
Bug Fix: Multidesc files are now loaded using the language thats currently selected over using the games language (#ENG, etc)
Bug Fix: OW now picks files based on Selected Lang -> Game Lang -> English Version (Order it trys to find files)
Bug Fix: Creates nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Oil/Siberite nolonger spawn at spectators starting points
Bug Fix: Spectator view nolonger disapears in certain situations
Bug Fix: Pakview now correctly displays the "Extracted" percentage
Bug Fix: Default profile is now correctly created. (Broken in an earlyer patch)
Bug Fix: EXP cheat on AM05_Cont and RU06 fixed by Radzio
Bug Fix: Launcher no longer removes all parameters when skip is the first one
Bug Fix: When an error is reported by Original War it will now always set the colours back when the app exits
Bug Fix: English subtitles on american intro fixed
Bug Fix: Multiplayer text now causes the gamewindow to do a full refresh when text is shown/hidden
Bug Fix: Customres nolonger causes access violations with Factories and Workshops
Bug Fix: InGameOn is now used at the start of RU1 and RU2
Changed: If running in a window and the colours change to 32bit then OW will set them back to 16bit insted of forcing OW into fullscreen
Changed: Patch system now checks all CD/DVD drives (including virtual ones) for Disk 2 insted of just the first one
Improved: AntiTrainer code has been improved

1.08 Changelog

Added: Czech and Italian game translations (By 5ITH)
Added: Pakview now has the ability to re-build OWP files
Added: Pakview now has the ability show how much space is wasted in an OWP
Added: Pakview now has multilanguage support(Currently English, Polish and Spanish has been translated)
Added: Japanease support for game
Added: Multilanguage text support for game (Use #ENG, #FRA, #GER, #ITA, #SPA, #CZE, #JAP or #POL as params)
Added: Spectator support in multiplayer games (Currently only in Alien Base)
Added: 5 SAIL commands: LoadCharacter (By Radzio), RegenerateArea, RegenerateUnits, Multiplayer_GetPlayerIsSpec, IAmSpec
Added: Identify tool in the SAIL Editor
Added: GM Editor created. Allows editing of GMX, GMS and GMZ files
Bug Fix: Enginear and Cornel spawning bug in AM10 fixed (By Radzio)
Bug Fix: Customising avatar in multiplayer now unchecks the "im ready"
Bug Fix: Misc bug fixes
Bug Fix: Ingame videos now play (bug introduced in a previous patch)
Bug Fix: American warehouse image in Rus and Arab interface fixed
Bug Fix: Exclamations now check Dialogs\ as well as the users language folder
Bug Fix: Character names nolonger have a gap at the start
Bug Fix: Dialogs and Videos now play correctly when using a non English version of original war and when you use a langauge parameter
Bug Fix: Gaps infront of dialog names removed.
Bug Fix: You may now only transport resources if you have at least 10 of that kind (Stops players transporting 1 and getting 10 at the other end)

1.07.2 Changelog

Added: Allow and Disallow map lists.
Added: Allow Multiplayer Maps to have units which talk in them. (as in Dialogs) 
Added: AreaToList SAIL command.
Added: Campaign buttons can now display text.
Added: OW Now can use sound in a mods mod.owp file. 
Added: Exit button on the select mod screen of the editor.
Added: When OW catches an error it will generate an error log (OWEL) with extended info (i.e Win Ver, CPU Speed)
Added: Clanbase support. OW Players can now have ranked multiplayer games!
Added: Edit boxes can now have text copyed and pasted. Only basic. No selection.
Added: Users can create a custom avatar for use in multiplayer games.
Bug Fix: Multiplayer area (bit where u select team) now correctly works when u change mod and go back to it.
Bug Fix: Floats are now fixed on systems which use a comma insted of a dot. 
Bug Fix: Misc bugs when changing mods.
Bug Fix: the launcher nolonger minimises OW. 
Bug Fix: txtXX.wri files are now trimright'd, meaning any spaces at the end are cut off. 
Bug Fix: PakView now correctly handles Wav files that use the optional 2 byte field at the end of the header. 
Bug Fix: 42(+12 is not a number error is fixed.
Bug Fix: Editor now correctly names directories when it creates a mod.
Bug Fix: Original War nolonger crashes at the Victory Screen if a multiplayer game was over 1 hour long.
Bug Fix: Memory leaks when opening a OWP file fixed(Applys to everything that used OWP files including the game)
Changed: Proper Unicode Launcher.
Changed: New Interface for Launcher.
Changed: PakView speed increase.
Changed: sounds in OWP files can be in Sound\Dialogs\ as well as Dialogs\
Changed: OWP files saved by PakView are now saved with the OWP3 format. 
Changed: all maps made with the editor will now have anti-trainer code built in.
Changed: Multiplayer chat system changed. No longer uses hint system for multiplayer chat.
Updated: OWS Video (Startup logo thingy) updated to the OWS site theme.

1.06 and below

Original War Game

Added: Will change to 16bit if needed when -window is used in the paremeters
Added: German translations for some of the editor
Added: Autoupdate feature on the launcher
Bug Fix: Arabian interface selection bug
Changed: Buildup time added to Alien Base, Babylon, Bastard Pass and Bloody Valley
Changed: Due to the rebuild of the launcher it nolonger does a cd check
Changed: Mouse hidden at credits screen
Changed: Pause restored in multiplayer

Added: Arabians have there own menus (Currently just a copy of the russian one)
Added: Enter IP option added to the multiplayer menu
Added: Additional language system so new buttons can use the users language
Added: CRC check added to multiplayer. Makes mods safe which are in an owp.
Added: Ability to use different language if they exist
Bug Fix: Sound is now loaded from the Mod first and Game second.
Bug Fix: Problems with mod credits fixed (bug with colours going over byte limits and bug with gap between credits)
Bug Fix: Medals nolonger crash with arab campaigns
Changed: Protocol Version has been changed
Changed: Menu System Improved.
Exploit Fix: Pressing the self destruct key multiple times no longer causes multiple explosions.

Added: Ability to load mods from a owp file
Added: Ability to modify the menus
Added: Mods section in main menu
Added: Game version label on main menu
Added: Clients connecting to a host no longer have to select the mod the host is using. It will automaticaly load the mod the host has if its on the clients pc.
Bug Fix: Colour, Team and Position checkbox`s no longer cause violations if a player joins when another player is selecting one of them.
Bug Fix: Cutscenes after the first play correctly now. (they were broken in 1.03)
Exploit Fix: Apemen can no longer become invisible. Only soldiers can place mines(note: other units will still walk to the location, but not place mines). 
Exploit Fix: No longer can you use enemies vehicles when u have the factory selected when it builds a unit or when a mechanic enters a vehicle.
Exploit Fix: Holding down S before exploding a Self Destructing Car no longer causes a large explosion based on how long the S key was held.
Changed: Pause disabled in multiplayer games. Restart and Quick Restart shortcuts disabled in Multiplayer.

Bug Fix: Fixed loss of music when data\gameinit\game.txt was used in a mod.

Added: Additional moddability. See Mods\Test\Data\gameinit\game.txt

Bug Fix: Language problems fixed

Added: Ability to load from mods
Added: Checking to see if mod and mod versions are different when joining a multiplayer game
Bug Fix: Large mouse movements no longer crash the credits screen
Bug Fix: Misc Bugs/Errors
Changed: Protocol Version has been changed
Changed: VIDEONAME added to campaigns/SIDE/missions.dat to allow varible videos to be loaded. VIDEO = 1 is needed to play a video
Changed: Mods have there own profile saves location (Userprofiles/Mod)

Original War Editor

Added: 2 new SAIL commands related to making mine fields
Added: Create mod window which creates the nessisary directorys and ini file for you
Added: Editor will change the users colours to 16Bit if there not set to it and change it back when the editor is closed
Added: Hex grass tool (fills in all selected hex`s)
Added: Wizard
Added: Minimap now displays a rectangle indecating window position(note: not perfect)
Added: Include feature (for SAIL)
Bug Fix: SAIL code is compiled into code.bin (was disabled b4)
Changed: Default map is no longer loaded at start

Added: Raise and lower hex tools added
Added: Delete source tool
Added: Gallery browser for selecting portraits
Added: The ability to delete units, env, grass and water one by one
Added: Mod support
Changed: Terrain now changes all the selected hex`s rather than one
Changed: User interface has been improved
Changed: FOW only effects the ingame side of the editor
Changed: Minimap defaultly refreshes
Changed: Unit,Env,Grass and Water deleteing is now done independantly of the current layer


Changed: Updated the interface to be more like WinZip


Added: Duplicate and Add files.

Added: Image convertion down to 8bit with dithering option
Added: Ability to use palette files insted of getting a palette from the bmp. (JASC Palette files are compatible)
Changed: Interface improved


Changed: Improved Interface
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