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SAIL Functions/M -> McSkirmish

SAIL Functions/MacrosRelated -> McSkirmish


Runs McSkirmish macro and returns macro's id.


variable := McSkirmish(prior:integer, units:plist, options:plist);

prior - an integer that defines the priority of the macro (for example: 100).
units - a list of units to register for the macro.
options - a list of options that enhance the functionality of McSkirmish macro:
[mcs_PosList, list] - sets positions of units that can be used by McSkirmish macro (they can be changed by McSSetPosList function),
[mcs_Strategy, list] - sets the main strategy for the McSkirmish macro (it can by changed by McSSetStrategy function),
[mcs_Parking, parkingarea] - sets the parking area for idle vehicles (vehicles need to be defined by McSParking function).


The code below runs McSkirmish macro for all the people within a base (defined in "people" variable) with priority of 100. The options used, set the list of building's positions (stored in "positions" variable), main strategy that will be used by COM (stored in "main_strategy" variable) and area to park idle vehicles (defined on a map).

mcsid := McSkirmish(100, people, [ [mcs_PosList, positions],
                                   [mcs_Strategy, main_strategy],
                                   [mcs_Parking, area] ]);
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