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SAIL Functions/M -> McSSetStrategy

SAIL Functions/MacrosRelated -> McSSetStrategy


Sets main strategy list for McSkirmish macro.


McSSetStrategy(mcsid:integer, list:plist);

mcsid - id of a running McSkirmish macro.
list - list of commands for COM's strategy. For example:

[ [mcs_Build, b_depot, 1],
  [mcs_Build, b_lab, 1],
  [mcs_Build, b_oil_mine, 1],
  [mcs_Tech, tech_SibDet],
  [mcs_Build, b_siberite_mine, 1],
  [mcs_Tech, tech_OilPow],
  [mcs_Build, b_armoury,1],
  [mcs_Upgrade, b_lab_weapon, 1] ];

Number is the number of a building's position, defined in McSSetPosList function.


The code below sets a main strategy list (defined in "main_strategy" variable) for a running McSkirmish macro.

McSSetStrategy(mcsid, main_strategy);
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