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SAIL Functions/M -> McAttack

SAIL Functions/MacrosRelated -> McAttack

Added In: 1.02


Runs McAttack macro and returns its mcid.
There must be running McRegistry macro to start McAttack - enemies are registered by that McRegistry. McAttack starts after each registration.
When McRegistry returns no fully alive (and dying if mc_murder is set) units, this macro ends unless the mc_no_stop is set.


VariableToKeepMacroID := McAttack(prior:integer, regid:integer, units:plist, options:plist);

Prior is an integer defining macro's priority.
Regid is an integer defining registry's id (returned by McRegistry).
Units is a list of units which will follow macro's orders.
Options is a list of options (keep it in [ ]!). These are currently available:

[mc_area_dont_leave, defarea]         area that units cannot leave (default none)
[mc_retreat_lives_people, lives]      retreat people with lives below the value
[mc_retreat_lives_vehicles, lives]    retreat vehicles with lives below the value
[mc_retreat_area_people, defarea]     area to retreat people (default none)
[mc_retreat_area_vehicles, defarea]   area to retreat vehicles (default none)
[mc_out_of_fuel, fuel]                raises an event when vehicle's fuel gets below the value
(-)mc_no_stop                         make attackers look for new enemies in registered areas forever (default false)
(-)mc_murder                          make attackers kill dying enemy units (default false)

If you don't need any options (= default matches your needs), you should leave the list empty. Options in [ ] mean that they need additional parameter (the second one in [ ]). (-) means that this option is true/false. When written with -, it will be set to false, otherwise true. Note that defarea can be given in two formats, as an integer (area identifier) or as [x, y, r].

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