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Imperial Guard

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Clan Imperial Guard was created in May 2005 by triad students of 8. class (now they are students on intermediate school). It was some hobby group at the first-time, in which members had regular meetings. At that time we had name Aliance, because every member played with other nationaly. I decided after it and I contacted Jiří Rýdl from Altar Interactive, which helped us.After one year of our existence we could have brag with five great members, which could have play this game with anyone. The age of first members was from 14 to 16 years, and after it couple of players joined to us. The youngest player was 13 years old. So, the only limitation for join to us is age. You must be 13 years old at least, but you may not be older than 20 years. When you want to enter to Imperial Guard, please contact us on our e-mail adress: or on one of ICQ numbers and you'll talk with CL of clan about your enter. When you'll match the age requirements, we'll take you. For join to us is free your colour of the skin, conviction, religion and sex. We're recommending to read the IG rules before your join. When you're Clan leader of the other clan or his vice, so you can to invite us for match! We would like have some clanwar. When do you really want to invite us, write to the post or on e-mail, which is typed highness.

Clan Rules

1. You must belive only for one CL
2. You mustn't tell lie to your CL and clan
3. You'll play only fair play
4. You'll play without cheats
5. You'll not protest, when you'll lose
6. You'll have *IG* before your nickname
7. You'll not be rude to anybody from IG
8. You'll be placable and polite to other players
9. You'll not play with very much towers and barracks
10. You'll play without siberit bomb everytime

We don't tolerate any racial or regilious or moral preoccupation and chicane!!! When we'll find out, that somebody is doing it, we'll kick out him!!

Clan Leaders

Martin "Phaeton" Ezechias
Petr " JacenNect" Joey
Jiří "Acaruss" Janeš
Jiří " Gorgy" Karpják


Original War by *IG*klan


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