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Clan Bez Nazwy

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CBN it's one of the olders clans. He was created 20.V.2004 by Gen. Kada (now Gen. Kschyschtoff) and his brother. After a month Mistic (now Gen. _rothen) had joined to the clan. Then another players had join to clan, and joined the first graphic designer - (now Gen.) Vincent (Serpher). In the meantime Gen. Kschyschtoff's brother has left the clan. He couldn't "play through the web in one computer". In summer 2004 CBN survieved an explosion. 40 people. CBN was 4th clan in people count category. And then hell started. Nobody knows who left first. Gen. Kschyschtoff's brother helped crush the clan. CBN started to falling down. So he had been deactivated. 19.I.2006 Kschyschtoff and Serpher were reactivated the clan.


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