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Nuclear War

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Multiplayer Rules -> Nuclear War

Settings on Alien Base map

  • Base Level: Depot Only
  • Amount of People: 15
  • Skill Level: More experienced
  • Starting Resources: Lots
  • Shipments Density: High
  • Extra Oil deposits: Extra
  • Extra Siberite deposits: Extra
  • Shared Vision: Yes
  • Morale Flags: None
  • Siberite detection: Researched
  • People Respawning: None
  • Amount of Apemen: None
  • Siberite Bomb: Allowed
  • Build Up Time: 15 Minutes


  • Only siberite bomb can be used as a weapon.
  • Normal weapons can be used only to defend your own base's area (only if enemy is already there!).
  • Same applies to stealing vehicles. Only those in your base can be owned.
  • Capturing buildings and disassembling them is allowed only in your own base.
  • All above apply also to ally's base.
  • Exploding oil barrels, using soporific ammunition, teleporting and slowing the enemy are treated as an attack.

This is image of Alien Base map divided into areas [area in the middle is the neutral area]:
Alien Base Map
Your area is between hills and centres of two adjacent platforms; from map's border to the middle of the map.

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