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Clanbase is a statistics system for Original War. When users do a ranked game with 1.07 or above the match results are sent to Clanbase where the data is processed and points are awarded to the winning team. Clanbase was created by YuriStriatov and is maintained by him.

Note: Clanbase is currently down for maintenence.

Match types


The Ranked match type is the general gameplay mode. It is played according to the ClanBase Rules. The winner of the match will recieve points in the ClanBase ladder relatively to the point count of the opponent. The clans of any players in this match will not recieve ladder points on the clan ladder regardless the outcome.

Clan Match

The Clan Match type is very much like the Ranked match type with one exception: any Clans inside the match will have their points affected by the outcome. The players will also recieve ladder points for this match.

Soldier War

The Soldier War match type is a non-standard match, utilising Soldier War rules which prohibit the usage of vehicles ingame. All other traits of the Ranked match type apply.

All match types can be played either in a duel (1v1) or a 2v2 setting.


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