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Borned in Hell

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Borned in Hell was reactivate in 10th X 2009. Clan was reactivated by Alucard, Pawelec, Lesiu, Anarchy, Phillypain. Later this clan gathered all oldder polish players, who were once playing on Game Spy Arcade. Previous, BiH was clan, which want defeat all clans in game. Now, the main objective is among other: reconstruction Original War lobby.


In Borned in Hell govern Leader and Generals (special rank) who are the chosen by all members BiH. Generals to perform a role Vice Leaders. Later are "important person", like: founder of the clan, formers leaders etc. Ranks in Borned in Hell looking as follows:
Special Ranks:
- [L] Leader
- [VL] Vice Leader
- [Mar] Marshal
- [G] General
Other Ranks:
- [Col] Colonel
- [M] Major
- [C] Capitan
- [LT] Lieutenant
- [Sgt] Sargeant
- [Cpl] Corpolar
- [Pvt] Private 1st class

The authorities

Leader: Philypain
Vice Leader: Lesiok, Pawelec
General: Phantom, Lesiok


Clan Site

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